Mo Juicy mobile juice bar has quite a few values that it tries to follow… 

Glass shot glasses with Mo Juicy juice.
Glass shot glasses with Mo Juicy juice.

Firstly, you won’t find any refined sugar, wheat or animal dairy in Mo Juicy’s fresh juices and smoothies. If you are prone to intolerances and allergies, the last thing you want is another drink with stuff in it that will cause rashes, stomach cramps and breathing difficulties. Some customers are concerned about sugar levels in juice, but you need to remember that Mo Juicy does not heat the juice or change it by adding chemicals to preserve it. The sugar in fresh fruit is natural whilst refined sugar has been processed which strips all vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.  

Green beasts with mini beasts inside. 
Green beasts with mini beasts inside. 

Secondly, we try to keep waste down. So we started using glass shot glasses instead of plastic glasses. We did try to reuse the plastic shot glasses but boil washing them just causes them to distort and they never looked truly clean. Juicing vegetables, fruits and herbs does create waste – the non-soluble fibre is the waste. Two large composters are filling up nicely in my garden. Though I have found two farms who are happy to feed their pigs with juicer waste. Merrywood Farm and Marsh Produce.

Thirdly, Mo Juicy uses organic grown carrots. Organic certified vegetables ensures that no chemicals have been on the land for 7 years. So we know that organic carrots are chemical free. Where possible Mo Juicy does try to use other locally grown organic produce.

Fourthly, we use glass jugs to collect and serve the juice from the juicers instead of plastic ones. Mo Juicy mobile juice bar tries to have as little as possible chemicals in its juice to make sure you drink pure fresh juice. Remember no carton, no can, no bottled juice in Mo Juicy juice. Sometimes we use cartoned almond, rice, coconut or oat milk as the alternative to cows milk. We look to produce fresh nut milk in the future.

Finally, Mo Juicy has no choice but to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world. We would love to buy oranges, lemons and limes from the UK with little road miles on them but this climate can’t grow them. We do, however, buy in season fruit and vegetables from the UK when we can and adapt fresh juice and smoothie recipes accordingly. 

If you think that these values aren’t justified or just plain woolly, please email me and direct me to an article to back-up your views. Mo Juicy is open to learning about new information on nutrition, health and environmental issues. We have to work and educate each other, create solutions to up and coming world concerns as well as providing our bodies with goodness that helps us function well.

Take Care

Miranda of Mo Juicy