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Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes, what can you do about it?

It’s amazing how many people who say to me ‘oh I can’t have fruit/honey/juice because I’m diabetic’. They have been told by their GP that they can’t have these tasty, vitamin/mineral loaded and anti-inflammatory healthy foods. Well, I thought I’d give you a video link from Michael Greger who has written a book –How not to Die.

So, according to Michael, you can reverse your diabetes and in some cases within 14 days. My own mother has been told that she’ll have diabetes for the rest of her life but she is off all medication related to diabetes and cholesterol and ensures she eats healthy foods. She exercises and walks a lot too. Yes she has to refuse cream chocolate cakes etc but she still has fruit and a little honey instead for dessert. If you’d like to learn more, Michael has many videos on YouTube too. Happy learning. Mirandax

Mo Juicy went Dutch on Soup in Holland

Thank you Yogific and Kriti for having me letting me cook soup for the Vegans and Yogis of Holland. I would say Nijmegens but I believe some of you traveled from Utrecht, we are all impressed you traveled so far for this event. I met so many great and lovely people. Thank you to the customers who enjoyed the locally sourced vegan soup made by the Brit who made everyone speak English.

Below is the recipes for both soups and a few tips to make them tastier. I can’t give you qualities as I just put it all together. But will give you some instructions.

Carrot & Coriander soup.

Ingredients: Carrots, Coriander, Onions, Garlic, Coconut oil, Black pepper and Himalayan salt.

Fry roughly chopped onions in coconut oil (you can use another oil but remember that some oils like olive oil will burn at high temperatures) then add garlic. Garlic was chopped also but can be crushed or you are not going to blend your soup like I did.

Boil carrots until soft and drain. Try not to pour the water down the sink, it has vitamins and minerals in the water that can be added back into the soup. The fried onions and garlic should be brown before mixing with the carrots. Blend the carrot mixture and add the water so it doesn’t look like baby food anymore, add salt and pepper then add the coriander. The coriander goes in last because you’ll loose the favour.

My tips to make this soup better – roast the carrots, onions and garlic instead of frying and boiling. But you will need to find a vegan, non-gluten stock to add to the soup. Finding the right stock for your dietary needs might be tricky. Also, you could add smoked paprika or chilli to your soup to pep it up a different way.

English Vegetable soup.

Ingredients: Cauliflower, Cabbage, Leeks, Bell Peppers, Courgettes, Tomatoes, French beans, Fennel, Basil, Chives, Turmeric, Coconut oil, Black pepper and Himalayan salt.

Salt the courgettes by chopping them then pouring salt on them. Leave on the plate so the salt can remove the bitterness. Boil cauliflower and cabbage then blend. Fry leeks and peppers in coconut oil, the skins of the peppers might burn but that gives off a great favour (in my opinion).

Separately fry the turmeric and fennel in the coconut oil, then add chives and basil to wilt at the end. Then blend. (remember to were gloves when peeling and chopping raw turmeric – it stains easily and I’ve had yellow finger nails for day before. And it doesn’t look as good as Henna Tattoos.


Fry the courgettes after you wash all the salt off them. Blend the herbs into the cauliflower and cabbage. Boil the french beans.

Skin the tomatoes by pouring boiling hot water on them, leaving for a couple of minutes then cutting with a knife on the skin, then peel off the skin. After tomatoes have been skinned, blend and add to the soup mixture.


If you want a less chunky soup than mine – blend it. But it you want it chunky, pull out some of the veggies. Remember to try and use the water from the boiled veggies and if you find that there’s too much water, save it in a jar and use as stock for other dinners or making up sauces and gravy. Another tip, any left over herbs and spices could be placed in ice cube trays and the veggie water poured over the top.

I hope that makes sense.

Happy cooking vegan wholesome soups. Mx

The SumUp Experience – Mo Juicy takes card payments.

Morning, I wanted to give you an update on SumUp. SumUp is a card machine provider and I wanted something to take card payments on as I was losing sales from not being able to take money from people’s cards. The ‘Do you take card?’ and never seeing my potential customer again was too much, especially as juice and smoothies can be a hard sell. Also, I’m really not ‘The Apprentice’ style person who forces strangers to drink shots of juice and smoothies in the street. So, I did the research and looked at the various cash machine providers. There isn’t a ‘Compare the Meerkat’ for this type of thing but there are some companies who have lead me to believe there they provide such service and now my spam email account is loading up with their daily emails.

I did find one company that offered a lower percentage charge than SumUp but looked at them on youtube to find companies in America have issues with the company. The company in question was holding onto small companies money for 90 days – something in the T&C’s small print allowed them to do this. Very naughty – me thinks.

Anyhow, my dealings with SumUp are: I ordered the cash card device and this arrived 1 working day later than expected. It did come from Germany but it meant I missed out on a weekends card payments. Though, if it’s any consolation the event had very poor attendance so I wasn’t asked to take card anyhow. Sometimes us stallholders do pick the wrong places to pitch at but that’s life, a learning curve, so I networked instead. It rained heavily so it might not have been the best weekend to be out juicing.

The device was easy to use. Charged it up no issues. Downloaded the App from Google Play no problem. It uses blue tooth and your location needs to be on so that can drain the battery a little. I took a payment on a card last Tuesday and it was in my account on Thursday (the same week). On Saturday, my reception was poor and my battery was low – I think these two things don’t help a transaction be successful. On Sunday, I took multiple creditcard and debitcard payments. The money was in my account on Tuesday (2 days later) and was broken down into the two categories.

SumUp sent me an email offering 30 days interest free fees from when I ordered the card machine, would be nice if they could start this on the first day of usage. But it’s nice to be offered such a freebie.

So, I’m very happy with the card machine and company, am happy to promote the ‘Refer a Friend’ code for you stallholders out there who haven’t made the jump over to the cashless system.

If you are still unsure, can I remind you of the costs? £29 (excluding VAT with free delivery) until 30th September, it may jump to £59 after this promotion. No monthly costs, no contract and 1.95% 1.69% per transaction – (*updated the transaction fee October 2017 because it’s gone down). Remember, fees can be accounted for in your tax return so the transaction fee works out less than this in the long run. It accepts all cards including Amex. Nobody has paid via their mobile yet but I’m pretty sure it’s the same transaction fee.

(Should be a picture of a juice)

If I’m at an event near you, then pop along and I’ll show you how convenient this system is.

The refer a friend deal – ‘Offer your friends a £30 discount on their card terminal.’ Not sure if this is off the £29 or £59, either way you’ll save more than I did!


Just a little food for thought

Richard Koch, Head of Cards at UK Finance, said:

“Contactless payments accounted for a third of transactions in June [2017] with consumers continuing to use their cards for lower value purchases. While spending recorded a relatively modest monthly growth, the number of transactions rose at a faster rate with some 46 million card purchases made every day.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all soon.


Hayfever worst than previous years

So have we lost the summer or is it going to make a return?For some hot weather brings the discomfort of itchy eyes, sneezing and asthma type symptoms. Sufferers are saying that it has been worst this year than previous ones. Follow the link to see more . 
My set of genes (thanks Mum & Grandma) means that hayfever symptoms a few years ago were aggravating for a number of years. I blamed the tree pollen in Spring. Others say it’s the rape seed in summer. 
My thoughts are that acupuncture back in 2013/14 (needles in the face 😮), cleaning up my diet, finding what I was allergic/sensitive to helped my histamine levels remain fairly calm. 
Yes my face still goes crazy (red hive type angry rash) when I’ve been stressing myself out, eating rubbish, drinking the wrong alcohol for me and testing my food sensitivities. But generally hayfever has not been my enemy this year. 
Our bodies have a new set of cells every 7 years. Maybe I helped these new set of cells become stronger because of the juicing programmes I’ve done, eating my live(raw) foods, drinking less cows milk, eating less gluten and cutting back on the sugar. Maybe it’s the flora and fauna in my gut that is in a better state so helps with our modern lifestyle diseases. 
Who knows. All I know is that if we don’t look after our bodies (our house) it will create a lovely set of dis-eases for us to tackle. 
On that cheery note 😈 (I do think I’m slightly funny occasionally) – Have a great weekend, what choices this weekend can you make to get live foods into your system? Mx

Surrey Life Food & Drink Awards 2017

I hope this isn’t too egotistical, but I’ve entered Mo Juicy into the Surrey Life Food & Drink Awards 2017 (deadline 28th July 2017).  

I pride myself on giving outstanding customer service, I always try to acknowledge customers who are waiting in the queue. Sometimes, it does take a little longer to produce a juice/smoothie due to making sure to fruit and veg are in top condition (no plastic labels going into the juicer) and washing the jugs and emptying the juicer mulsh out of the back bin and making sure I take off gloves when handling money. But I try to ensure you go with a juice that has the right strength of ginger (some juice bars skimp of the ginger so you can’t taste it) and is just how you want it. My reward is you going away with a juice the puts a great big smile on your face. Knowing that you are drinking a beautiful juice that will hit your taste buds and give them a wonderful treat as well as a drink that will pump in live enzymes into your cells to give them energy and vitamins and minerals that your body is craving. This makes me happy. 

Food & Drink Producer of the Year – Mo Juicy produces drinks that are designed for you.  

Food and Drink Innovation – I believe that Mo Juicy creates drinks that adds ‘magic’ into your system. 

This is the link to the website DEADLINE – tomorrow (28th July 2017).

Huge thank you to anyone who can go to the trouble to complete the form.

Have a wonderful day. Big hugs and Love to you all. Mx

Alternative to a Banana smoothie

SO when I’m on a juice programme, I can’t have stomach filling banana in my evening smoothie. So this is my chocolaty smoothie I make (and drink in 10 minutes). As it’s a smoothie, you don’t need juicer, just a high speed blender. I know you have one in your cupboard gathering dust 😉

So you’ll need to place a variety of nuts & seeds in the blender first (walnuts/almonds/cashew/pecans/sunflower seeds/chia/linseeds/pumpkin/) and whizz them up. Then add raisins/dates(without stones)/apricots etc. Whizz them and the blender will start to feel the strain so add some Almond/Rice/Oat/Coconut milk. NOT Cows milk Or Soya milk!!! Add some cacao powder. Not a tablespoon otherwise it tastes too bitter. Add this too Psyllium Husks will expand in the gut and loosen up those bits and pieces of food that have been stuck in your system for months (maybe years). If the smoothie isn’t sweet enough, try a good quality honey or agave syrup. NO SUGAR. you have plenty in the dried fruits 😁 Enjoy

Mo Juicy Recipes

Mo Simple

  • Squeeze 2 oranges

  • Pop a sprig of mint in the juicer

  • Juice 3 or 4 carrots pushing the mint through the blades first.

  • Enjoy the simpleness of Mo Simple

Mo Super Green

  • Small handful of spinach washed and screwed up into an ‘off’ juicer

  • Pop in a chunk of ginger – bigger the chunk the bigger the kick you get (you have been advised)

  • Place an apple behind the spinach a chunk of ginger and turn on your machine

  • Follow by a half of cucumber and another apple

  • Squeeze half a lime into the juice whist juicing

  • This is Richmond’s favourite juice

Mo Zingo

  • Squeeze 2 oranges

  • Pop a chunk of ginger into the juicer followed by 2 apples (or mix it up with a carrot or 2)

  • Have some fruity zing

Mo Zinga

  • Pop a chunk of ginger into the juicer followed by several carrots and 2 apple

  • Can that be any easier?

  • Quick and a good starter juice

Mo Valentino – created for Valentines day

  • Squeeze 2 oranges

  • Juice 2 pears

  • Pop half a banana, 3 strawberries and a cube of ice into a bender 

  • Blitz the blender briefly first then pour in the orange and pear juice

  • Hey, a few more machines to clean

Tips on Juicing

So I know what its like, jucing can be messy, time consuming and the fruit and veggie pulp seems like a waste of good nutritious food but don’t hold your hands up there and give up. Here’s some tips to reduce cleaning time, get the most out of your juicer and be kinder to the environment. 


  • Leave your juicer and blender on the kitchen side (mine is on my electric cooker). If it is in a cupboard it will gather dust and you won’t use it. 

  • Wash the fruit, vegetables and herbs then fill the sink with hot water with a drop of soap. When you have finished juicing then the detachable juicer parts can be placed in the hot water whilst you enjoy drinking your drink. 

  • Keep your celery and greens alive by chopping off the end a little and placing them in a jar. The leafy stuff prefers water to the refrigerator. 

  • Carrots, parsnips and beetroot like to be left in a plastic bag in the fridge. Fruit prefers dry cold fridges.

  • Use the stork of the broccoli and save the florets for eating. Juicers tend to spit out the broccoli flowers.

  • With centrifugal juicers, I always scrunch up leafy greens and place small pieces in the shoot first then place a hard fruit or vegetable behind the smaller items THEN turn on the juicer. This will help you get the maximum juice out of your ingredients.

  • Soft fruits often need to be blended. High speed blenders can warm up smoothies so pop in an ice cube to prevent enzymes, vitamins and minerals from being reduced.

  • When juicing at home, I add a little water to by fruit/veggie pulp and pop it into the juicer again.

  • Every two or three months I soak the juicer blades and parts in boiling hot water then add baking soda or stain remover powder to bubble through the blocked holes on my blades and mesh. Remember, rinse well and pop a small apple through your juicer and discard this juice. Some residue from the stain remover may be present so don’t take the risk.

  • Veggie/fruit pulp can be fed to chickens, goats, pigs and a composter. Carrot pulp can be mixed with the dog food. Dogs love carrots.

  • Pulp could also be stored in the fridge or freezer and turned into veggie burgers or stock. Though you need a good recipe to make it taste tasty.  


Well I hope that gives you a few ideas.