Surrey Life Food & Drink Awards 2017

I hope this isn’t too egotistical, but I’ve entered Mo Juicy into the Surrey Life Food & Drink Awards 2017 (deadline 28th July 2017).  

I pride myself on giving outstanding customer service, I always try to acknowledge customers who are waiting in the queue. Sometimes, it does take a little longer to produce a juice/smoothie due to making sure to fruit and veg are in top condition (no plastic labels going into the juicer) and washing the jugs and emptying the juicer mulsh out of the back bin and making sure I take off gloves when handling money. But I try to ensure you go with a juice that has the right strength of ginger (some juice bars skimp of the ginger so you can’t taste it) and is just how you want it. My reward is you going away with a juice the puts a great big smile on your face. Knowing that you are drinking a beautiful juice that will hit your taste buds and give them a wonderful treat as well as a drink that will pump in live enzymes into your cells to give them energy and vitamins and minerals that your body is craving. This makes me happy. 

Food & Drink Producer of the Year – Mo Juicy produces drinks that are designed for you.  

Food and Drink Innovation – I believe that Mo Juicy creates drinks that adds ‘magic’ into your system. 

This is the link to the website DEADLINE – tomorrow (28th July 2017).

Huge thank you to anyone who can go to the trouble to complete the form.

Have a wonderful day. Big hugs and Love to you all. Mx