Alternative to a Banana smoothie

SO when I’m on a juice programme, I can’t have stomach filling banana in my evening smoothie. So this is my chocolaty smoothie I make (and drink in 10 minutes). As it’s a smoothie, you don’t need juicer, just a high speed blender. I know you have one in your cupboard gathering dust 😉

So you’ll need to place a variety of nuts & seeds in the blender first (walnuts/almonds/cashew/pecans/sunflower seeds/chia/linseeds/pumpkin/) and whizz them up. Then add raisins/dates(without stones)/apricots etc. Whizz them and the blender will start to feel the strain so add some Almond/Rice/Oat/Coconut milk. NOT Cows milk Or Soya milk!!! Add some cacao powder. Not a tablespoon otherwise it tastes too bitter. Add this too Psyllium Husks will expand in the gut and loosen up those bits and pieces of food that have been stuck in your system for months (maybe years). If the smoothie isn’t sweet enough, try a good quality honey or agave syrup. NO SUGAR. you have plenty in the dried fruits 😁 Enjoy