Tips on Juicing

So I know what its like, jucing can be messy, time consuming and the fruit and veggie pulp seems like a waste of good nutritious food but don’t hold your hands up there and give up. Here’s some tips to reduce cleaning time, get the most out of your juicer and be kinder to the environment. 


  • Leave your juicer and blender on the kitchen side (mine is on my electric cooker). If it is in a cupboard it will gather dust and you won’t use it. 

  • Wash the fruit, vegetables and herbs then fill the sink with hot water with a drop of soap. When you have finished juicing then the detachable juicer parts can be placed in the hot water whilst you enjoy drinking your drink. 

  • Keep your celery and greens alive by chopping off the end a little and placing them in a jar. The leafy stuff prefers water to the refrigerator. 

  • Carrots, parsnips and beetroot like to be left in a plastic bag in the fridge. Fruit prefers dry cold fridges.

  • Use the stork of the broccoli and save the florets for eating. Juicers tend to spit out the broccoli flowers.

  • With centrifugal juicers, I always scrunch up leafy greens and place small pieces in the shoot first then place a hard fruit or vegetable behind the smaller items THEN turn on the juicer. This will help you get the maximum juice out of your ingredients.

  • Soft fruits often need to be blended. High speed blenders can warm up smoothies so pop in an ice cube to prevent enzymes, vitamins and minerals from being reduced.

  • When juicing at home, I add a little water to by fruit/veggie pulp and pop it into the juicer again.

  • Every two or three months I soak the juicer blades and parts in boiling hot water then add baking soda or stain remover powder to bubble through the blocked holes on my blades and mesh. Remember, rinse well and pop a small apple through your juicer and discard this juice. Some residue from the stain remover may be present so don’t take the risk.

  • Veggie/fruit pulp can be fed to chickens, goats, pigs and a composter. Carrot pulp can be mixed with the dog food. Dogs love carrots.

  • Pulp could also be stored in the fridge or freezer and turned into veggie burgers or stock. Though you need a good recipe to make it taste tasty.  


Well I hope that gives you a few ideas.