Mo Juicy Recipes

Mo Simple

  • Squeeze 2 oranges

  • Pop a sprig of mint in the juicer

  • Juice 3 or 4 carrots pushing the mint through the blades first.

  • Enjoy the simpleness of Mo Simple

Mo Super Green

  • Small handful of spinach washed and screwed up into an ‘off’ juicer

  • Pop in a chunk of ginger – bigger the chunk the bigger the kick you get (you have been advised)

  • Place an apple behind the spinach a chunk of ginger and turn on your machine

  • Follow by a half of cucumber and another apple

  • Squeeze half a lime into the juice whist juicing

  • This is Richmond’s favourite juice

Mo Zingo

  • Squeeze 2 oranges

  • Pop a chunk of ginger into the juicer followed by 2 apples (or mix it up with a carrot or 2)

  • Have some fruity zing

Mo Zinga

  • Pop a chunk of ginger into the juicer followed by several carrots and 2 apple

  • Can that be any easier?

  • Quick and a good starter juice

Mo Valentino – created for Valentines day

  • Squeeze 2 oranges

  • Juice 2 pears

  • Pop half a banana, 3 strawberries and a cube of ice into a bender 

  • Blitz the blender briefly first then pour in the orange and pear juice

  • Hey, a few more machines to clean