Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes, what can you do about it?

It’s amazing how many people who say to me ‘oh I can’t have fruit/honey/juice because I’m diabetic’. They have been told by their GP that they can’t have these tasty, vitamin/mineral loaded and anti-inflammatory healthy foods. Well, I thought I’d give you a video link from Michael Greger who has written a book –How not to Die.

So, according to Michael, you can reverse your diabetes and in some cases within 14 days. My own mother has been told that she’ll have diabetes for the rest of her life but she is off all medication related to diabetes and cholesterol and ensures she eats healthy foods. She exercises and walks a lot too. Yes she has to refuse cream chocolate cakes etc but she still has fruit and a little honey instead for dessert. If you’d like to learn more, Michael has many videos on YouTube too. Happy learning. Mirandax