The SumUp Experience – Mo Juicy takes card payments.

Morning, I wanted to give you an update on SumUp. SumUp is a card machine provider and I wanted something to take card payments on as I was losing sales from not being able to take money from people’s cards. The ‘Do you take card?’ and never seeing my potential customer again was too much, especially as juice and smoothies can be a hard sell. Also, I’m really not ‘The Apprentice’ style person who forces strangers to drink shots of juice and smoothies in the street. So, I did the research and looked at the various cash machine providers. There isn’t a ‘Compare the Meerkat’ for this type of thing but there are some companies who have lead me to believe there they provide such service and now my spam email account is loading up with their daily emails.

I did find one company that offered a lower percentage charge than SumUp but looked at them on youtube to find companies in America have issues with the company. The company in question was holding onto small companies money for 90 days – something in the T&C’s small print allowed them to do this. Very naughty – me thinks.

Anyhow, my dealings with SumUp are: I ordered the cash card device and this arrived 1 working day later than expected. It did come from Germany but it meant I missed out on a weekends card payments. Though, if it’s any consolation the event had very poor attendance so I wasn’t asked to take card anyhow. Sometimes us stallholders do pick the wrong places to pitch at but that’s life, a learning curve, so I networked instead. It rained heavily so it might not have been the best weekend to be out juicing.

The device was easy to use. Charged it up no issues. Downloaded the App from Google Play no problem. It uses blue tooth and your location needs to be on so that can drain the battery a little. I took a payment on a card last Tuesday and it was in my account on Thursday (the same week). On Saturday, my reception was poor and my battery was low – I think these two things don’t help a transaction be successful. On Sunday, I took multiple creditcard and debitcard payments. The money was in my account on Tuesday (2 days later) and was broken down into the two categories.

SumUp sent me an email offering 30 days interest free fees from when I ordered the card machine, would be nice if they could start this on the first day of usage. But it’s nice to be offered such a freebie.

So, I’m very happy with the card machine and company, am happy to promote the ‘Refer a Friend’ code for you stallholders out there who haven’t made the jump over to the cashless system.

If you are still unsure, can I remind you of the costs? £29 (excluding VAT with free delivery) until 30th September, it may jump to £59 after this promotion. No monthly costs, no contract and 1.95% 1.69% per transaction – (*updated the transaction fee October 2017 because it’s gone down). Remember, fees can be accounted for in your tax return so the transaction fee works out less than this in the long run. It accepts all cards including Amex. Nobody has paid via their mobile yet but I’m pretty sure it’s the same transaction fee.

(Should be a picture of a juice)

If I’m at an event near you, then pop along and I’ll show you how convenient this system is.

The refer a friend deal – ‘Offer your friends a £30 discount on their card terminal.’ Not sure if this is off the £29 or £59, either way you’ll save more than I did!


Just a little food for thought

Richard Koch, Head of Cards at UK Finance, said:

“Contactless payments accounted for a third of transactions in June [2017] with consumers continuing to use their cards for lower value purchases. While spending recorded a relatively modest monthly growth, the number of transactions rose at a faster rate with some 46 million card purchases made every day.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all soon.