Hayfever worst than previous years

So have we lost the summer or is it going to make a return?For some hot weather brings the discomfort of itchy eyes, sneezing and asthma type symptoms. Sufferers are saying that it has been worst this year than previous ones. Follow the link to see more http://bit.ly/2htonIl . 
My set of genes (thanks Mum & Grandma) means that hayfever symptoms a few years ago were aggravating for a number of years. I blamed the tree pollen in Spring. Others say it’s the rape seed in summer. 
My thoughts are that acupuncture back in 2013/14 (needles in the face 😮), cleaning up my diet, finding what I was allergic/sensitive to helped my histamine levels remain fairly calm. 
Yes my face still goes crazy (red hive type angry rash) when I’ve been stressing myself out, eating rubbish, drinking the wrong alcohol for me and testing my food sensitivities. But generally hayfever has not been my enemy this year. 
Our bodies have a new set of cells every 7 years. Maybe I helped these new set of cells become stronger because of the juicing programmes I’ve done, eating my live(raw) foods, drinking less cows milk, eating less gluten and cutting back on the sugar. Maybe it’s the flora and fauna in my gut that is in a better state so helps with our modern lifestyle diseases. 
Who knows. All I know is that if we don’t look after our bodies (our house) it will create a lovely set of dis-eases for us to tackle. 
On that cheery note 😈 (I do think I’m slightly funny occasionally) – Have a great weekend, what choices this weekend can you make to get live foods into your system? Mx